Meeting Minutes June 26th, 2011

Babak talked about his road blocks and some possible solutions.
ChipX86 talked about the problems of using cygwin to install applications
Since the source to download the SVN required registration, ChipX86 changed the subversion to
Babak talked about using more built in python modules for his script to support versions 2.4 and up
Vladicoff talked about how he is adding the ability for the admin to see the number of review requests matching a timestamp
Vladicoff found out to solve the couting review requests for matching timestamps he has to pre-calculate the data.
Vladicoff talked about putting a limit on the log enteries.
ChipX86 gave Vlad an approach to itterate over the logs
ChipX86 talked about the upcoming release and the some future plans
Vladicoff showed m_conely the new version of the admin side bar with some of the new features
m_conely approved the new design


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