Status Report – July 10, 2011


  • Tested the script on different windows machines, mostly 64 bit computers
  • Changed the style and factored the scripts.
  • Fixed a couple of installation for patch, CVS and fastcgi.
Next steps:
  • Posting the code.
  • Finishing testing on 32bit machines, and making small changes for them.
  • Moving to the next tasks.
  • Installing Postgres Creates new account on the computer
  • Getting the Subversion version using python
  • finding out if Python 32bit or 64 bit.
  • mod_python for windows no installation found.
  • p4python finding download files

  • improved new rb-create and rb-info commands
  • spent the most of time on designing new api arch
  • started work on implementing new api
  • rbtools/clients/ covered with tests


  • finish and test new api
  • apply new api to the particular rb-* command
  • Organized the templates, created a single ‘branding’ header for admin and core app
  • Fixed a few issues and tested a few more widgets
  • Submit 2 reviews
Next Steps:
  • Fix the issues in the two reviews, and resubmit.
  • Test the sidebar on the settings pages.
  • None right now.

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