Status Report July 15 Summer 2011


  • implemented installation for lighttpd
  • implemented Apache mod_python installation for python versions up to 2.7
  • implemented pysvn installation
  • implemented win32api installation
  • ran code with pep8 and fixed the styling problems both windows and linux
Next steps
  • getting rid of the application installation that are not suppose to be in the script
  • fix the Perforce FTP Installation
  • split the code to different steps (Required for installing Review Board, and optional applications)
  • testing code on 32bit XP and Vista
  • oushing the newer version of scripts for Windows and Linux
Road Blocks
  • some installations can’t be silent
  • what applications should be taken out from the code
  • up to what version of python should be supported
  • rb_site install dependencies



  • continued work on SCM clients: pull out Subversion, Mercurial, Mercurial-Subversion tests into rbtools.clients.test
  • reached a consensus about new API design, started work on modifying existing one
  • started work on merging changed in ‘master’ into ‘api’
  • release new API as of the end of the weekend
  • post patch with merging results, update other patches
  • finish pending rb-create and rb-info using the new API
  • unresolved issue with the new API HTTP transport



  • fixed the issues after the reviews
  • tested the dashboard with a fresh install, added blank data placeholders

Next Steps

  • work on the “Admin Header Styles” branch
  • add CSS styles to widgets when there’s no data
  • keep perfecting the widgets

Road Blocks

  • minor road block for the “Header Styles” branch review

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