Meeting Minutes – July 17, 2011

  • M_conley and ChipX86 talk about the next steps after evaluations
  • Babak asked questions about the upgrades and their automation part of the project
  • ChipX86 explained to Babak how the upgrades should be implemented
  • Vladikoff talked about his issue regarding the ReviewRequests
  • ChipX86 and M_conley agreed that it is ok to use the PIL’s installation wizard, instead of a silent one
  • ChipX86 and Vladikoff went over his problem with ReviewRequest model and his code
  • ChipX86 gave Vladikoff some pointers on how he might be able to fix the problems he is facing
  • M_conley, ChipX86 and Vladikoff went over the problems Vladicoff was facing with the queries to group and order elements in the db
  • ChipX86 pointed out Vladikoff’s problem with the SQL queries.
  • ChipX86 told Babak about the exsisting installations for p4python
  • Babak asked about the python versions to cover and the next steps that he should take



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