Meeting Minutes – July 24, 2011

  • Mike and David began the meeting by checking the roadblocks
  • David reviewed Vlad’s roadblock
  • Mike helped Vlad organize his git branches and discussed the approach for future branches.
  • Vlad asked about ‘fast-forward’ commits, Mike and David explained what those are.
  • Babak had a few issues with the local devserver database, the issues were resolved by checking permissions on the database and running some command line tests
  • Alexander had a few git related questions, he wanted to make sure that he was executing the right git commands.
  • Alexander and David discussed the use of ‘post-review’ for commits and if that command could patch itself. They also talked about ‘rb-patch’ and ‘rb-diff’. Alexander and David decided to get more feedback from the mailing list regarding the naming of future commands, such as ‘rb-diff’ and ‘rb-create’.

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