Status Report – July 31, 2011


  • Got the guide to work on the settings page.
  • Fixed some installation problems on ubuntu os.
Next steps:

  • Finishing guides.
  • Trying to implement install button.


  • None at the moment.


  • rewritten “rb” command, code amount was heavily decreased
  • completed main part of new API
  • planned future modifications of rb-* commands
  • added skeletons for the most of rb-* commands


  • complete new API with transport implementation(urllib2)
  • start expanding API network stubs in rb-commands


  • Added “Recent Actions”, fluid resizing
  • Added Excanvas for IE
  • Combined all features into a single branch
  • Updated some header styling
Next Steps:
  • Experiment with a “Widget Manager”
  • Add an AJAX-based month switcher to the main stats widget
  • Bug Fixes and TODOs
  • Need help fixing this: I’m using “{% block pretitle %}” to inject the sidebar into all admin pages, but I need to find a way to remove this sidebar from pages such as login, after log out and some admin pop-ups.
  • Need to discuss what to do with spacing here: The widget layout is fluid, but when the screen is small (or tablet resolution) the third column becomes too long and will get even worse if you keep adding more widgets (from extensions for example).
  • Need help ‘force’ clearing cached items.

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