Meeting Minutes – July 31, 2011

  • Babak is absent on this meeting
  • Christian reminded about the last month of coding and that the “Pencils down” will be in under 2.5 weeks
  • Christian helps Alexander to handle with old-style super-constructor invocation
  • Christian encourages to getting smaller, bite-sized review requests up that can go into the codebase
  • Christian advises Alexander to post changes in API and commands as two separate patches
  • Christian said Vlad could delete and re-generate the key to force clearing of cached items
  • Christian reminds about ‘force_overwrite’ parameter for updating cached information
  • Christian said that Vlad should be able to redefine the block to being empty in the template for the pages in order to fix his roadblock #1
  • Christian said that all Vlad needed was to place new template somewhere with a name other than admin/login.html, and then give the AdminSite that name
  • Christian reminded that RB site depended on django 1.3+
  • Christian said that it was not fatal to produce longer pages and advised some tips to improve site widgets usability: add collapse icon, change existing label “Hide” to “Show”, memorize state of folding
  • David said that was his last  attendance at weekly meeting, he promised to come back as of the post-mortem though
  • Alexander found out that resource token in response JSON payload is not necessarily unique and discussed with Christian about possible workarounds

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