Status Report August 7 Summer 2011



  • fixed the bug with running the server
  • added more applications to the installer script
  • setup the rb-setup to include the guides on missing dependencies
  • fixed the script’s style using pep8
  • added dependency guides for the web

Next steps

  • adding the installer to the rb-site install for missing dependencies
  • fixing the update error in windows
  • installing dependencies from web


  • haven’t found a solution for installing the applications from the web
  • found couple of bugs not sure if its my server installation or general ones
  • upgrade for reviewboard



  • finished and posted the first version of the new API
  • did works on improving ‘inherited-code-cleanup’ patch
Next Steps
  • replace stub code in rb-* with the new API
  • “inherited-code-cleanup” patch
  • unreviewd new API patch
  • some unresolved parts of the API design



  • add “No Result” styles
  • bug fixes and CSS style updates
  • added AJAX Collapse states to widgets
  • worked on cache regeneration using Django signals

Next Steps

  • testing and in-code TODOs, CSS fixes (Fix “Status Chart” label bugs, etc)
  • finish cache / signal work



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