Meeting Minutes – August 14, 2011

Meeting Minutes – August 14th

  • Christian reminded that only 2 days left from the “soft pencil down” deadline
  • Christian and Mike were going through the review requests
  • Babak asked Christian about adding the latest version to the API. Christian talked about hard-coding the version string for now, until the later API change.
  • Christian explained to Babak how the update URL should be structured and that it should grab the latest version based on the API, parse it and run through easy_install. To handle beta & RC releases, the API would tell the user if the version is stable or development.
  • Christian asked Vlad about his progress. Vlad had trouble getting Review Board working with Python 2.4 due to pysqlite module issues. Babak helped out by suggesting easy_install to fix the issues.
  • Christian asked the students to prepare a brief description about the state of the projects in relation to original plans. Mike also mentioned that additional documentation would help to let others pick up on where the students left off.
  • Babak said he would add more dependency checks and 2 more applications missing from the installers. Christian agreed with this plan. Christian also provided Babak with the new API for Review Board version checking.
  • Alexander had a question about syntax and aligning code, Christian helped him out.
  • Mike and Christian helped Babak solve issues with his git changes and upgrades.
  • Babak and Christian talked about the installer. Christian explained that there’s also a text-mode for the installer (running using –console).

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