Status Report August 12 Summer 2011

-Worked on code fixes based on feedback
-Fixed caching issues, submit a djblets review request.
-Organized a lot of CSS and restructured some widget code.
Next Steps:
-Keep fixing TODOs and Bugs
-Start writing docs / wrap-up after August 16th
Road Blocks:
-Implemented the call to the dependency installer scripts within the webUI and the rb-site install.
-Implemented the functionality to get the guide and install from the rb-site installer wizard.
-Added more applications and fixed the style for installer scripts.
-Implemented an upgrade script.
Next Steps:
-Implementing the function to inform user if a newer version exists in the UI.
-Fixing patch problem on windows.
-Start documenting and wrapping up the code on 16th.
Road Blocks:
-Latest version of reviewboard should be included in documents/reviewboard.
-Missing some dependency checks.
– good amount of code was split into small chunks and successfully
accepted into main repo
– added pagination support in new API

Next Steps:

– finish and post the rest of accumulated work

Road Blocks:
None roadblocks.

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