Minutes for the 18th of September, 2011


  • Mentors: Mike, Christian, and David
  • Students: Jacob, Waleed, Dave, and Yazan

This was the first IRC meeting for the Fall 2011 UCOSP Review Board group.

  • Introductions were made
  • Mike went over initial status reports
  • Students were asked if their development environments were set up, to which all students replied with a yes
  • Jacob was told that the project will use Python 2.x rather than 3.x
  • Mentors recommended the use of the Django development server and the built-in SQLite over Apache/MySQL
  • Students were shown possible features that they could implement through-out the semester over the Review Board Wiki
  • Students can also tackle bugs found under the bug tracker
  • Dave, Jacob were interested in “Reducing Diff Storage” under “Diff Viewer Projects”
  • Waleed was interested in “Tracking User Changes” under “Review Request Change History Projects”
  • Yazan was interested in “Display a Summary of All Issues per Review Request” under “General Web UI Projects”
  • Yazan asked about text editors, Vim was recommended by most
  • Christian reminded the students to go over Git, and try to maintain a clean repository
  • Students were asked to blog about their Review Board experience
  • Mentors reminded students to ask questions through-out the term
  • Mentors discussed Review Board deployments in the work force
  • Students were reminded to send their MAC addresses to Alan before the code sprint

There will be a code sprint starting Friday 23rd September, 2011 to Sunday 25th September, 2011. This will take place at the Bahen Centre within the University of Toronto. All the students will attend, as well as Mike and David as mentors.



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