Minutes for the 9th of October, 2011


  • Mentors: Mike, Christian, and David
  • Students: Jacob, Waleed and Yazan

This meeting was on the Thanksgiving weekend, so it was short and some people did not attend.

  • Waleed had questions regarding multiple users editing a review draft at the same time in tracking user changes. It is suggested to keep it simple. If a user submits a draft when another one was just submitted, the user will be notified that their entire draft is out of date and show them the field differences so they can manually merge drafts. Waleed will need to add stuff to webapi/resources.py to indicate conflicts in the UI.
  • Jacob had questions about django evolution. To execute a stored evolution, run “/reviewboard/manage.py evolve –execute”. If someone commits a db evolution, they must commit the additions to the model along with it. Jacob also asked how to set a model attribute to allow empty and null. This is achieved using “blank=True, null=True”


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