Minutes for the 16th of October, 2011


  • Mentors: Mike and Christian
  • Students: Jacob, Waleed, Dave, and Yazan
Meeting was meant to start at 2:30PM (PDT), some issues were brought up earlier at 2:00PM (PDT).
  • Christian has introduced lessCSS to the Review Board project, this will impact anyone working with stylesheets at the time. Recommendation: rebase patch off master, and update to use lessCSS instead of classic CSS.
  • lessCSS is only used for development installs, it minifies all the CSS/scripts for non-development pages.
  • Waleed had a git branch ahead of origin/master. He was told to checkout and update master, checkout feature-branch, then rebase it off master.
  • Everyone needs to “easy_install -U django-compress”. It’s a new module used in Review Board.
  • Dave has finished his first feature and is waiting for final reviews.
  • Dave has a choice of tackling bugs or working on a new feature from the feature list.
  • Yazan is approaching finishing his first feature and a few suggestions were made for his next feature: issues resolved since last change, per-user issue-tracking defaults, issue-state toggle widgets, embed summary within review request box.
  • Jacob has a large feature to tackle. Mentors recommended breaking his feature into smaller chunks to suit his time better.
  • Jacob had questions about SQL tables, normalization and joins.
  • Review Board is approaching its 1.7 release.
  • lessCSS:  http://lesscss.org/

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