UCOSP Blog Post – October 16th, 2011

The first month of working on Review Board has been a great experience. I started working on a new feature that reduces database storage at the code sprint. I came out of the code sprint with a working version of the feature and posted it on Review Board for review. Students and mentors looked over my code and gave me tips on coding style, naming conventions, usability issues, and some other things. I also found a bug that Christian and I worked on a solution to, and implemented this in my code. I now have 6 revisions of this feature posted, and am working on the final revision. After receiving feedback, I really understand how important code review is. Code review greatly increases code quality. It helps the coder pick up on common practices and learn from their mistakes. It also helps the reviewer better understand the code base, and they can learn how other people solve problems. I will definitely use code review in future projects I work on.

Every week, students and mentors get together in our IRC chat room to discuss progress, ask questions, and share a few laughs. This gets everyone on the same page and helps students keep progressive with their projects. Mentors are also in IRC throughout the week if questions or problems arise between meetings. Other methods of contact are through the Review Board UCOSP Google Group, where weekly status reports and other important information is shared. Lastly, the Review Board Students Blog is used to post status reports, meeting minutes, developer tips and tricks, and bi-weekly blog posts (like this one).

I am thrilled to be a student on the Review Board UCOSP project. I am learning essential information about distributed development, open source, and web development (among other things) which I will undoubtedly use throughout my career. I’m lucky to be part of UCOSP and excited to continue working on Review Board.


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