Nov 06 Meeting Minutes

Mentors: Christian, David, Mike

Students: Dave, Jacob, Yazan


  • Students were reminded that status reports must be on the blog at least an hour before meetings
  • Waleed had dropped the UCOSP course. It was suggested that someone could take over his project – tracking user changes.
  • Dave was having trouble with django-evolution. The database had become corrupted and the sqlite db file had to be remade.
  • Yazan was moving his patch over to use LessCSS.
  • Dave had questions about DRY principles. It was resolved that this repeatable code should be in Djblets.
  • Christian suggested making a TimeZoneField model in Djblets for Dave’s time zone project. The form field can use TimeZoneField’s “choices” for the front-end.
  • Yazan had been running Git commands with sudo. This was because his reviewboard directory was owned by root. The solution was “sudo chown -R yazanm:yazanm reviewboard”.
  • Yazan was having complicated Git troubles. The solution was to make a fresh clone of the RB Git repository, download his patch diff from RB, create a new feature branch, then use “git apply” (or patch -p1 < patchname.diff) to apply the patch


  • Dave’s django-evolution issue:
  • Yazan’s Git issue:,,

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