Minutes for the 13th of November, 2011


  • Mentors: Mike, David,  and Christian
  • Students: Jacob, Dave, and Yazan
  • reviews.reviewboard.org was relocated to Amazon EC2, contributors should hold off posting reviews until the DNS registries are updated
  • Dave had trouble with django evolution when trying to add a new timezone field to a table
  • Changing the field type and the parameter order fixed Dave’s problem
  • Yazan had trouble starting the devserver due to missing database entires
  • Removal of the database folders and rerunning ./reviewboard/manage.py fixed the problem for Yazan
  • Script commands should always be run from the root directory
  • Jacob was waiting on reviews.reviewboard.org to come back up, and it’s back up now
  • Dave discussed various approaches on deciding what timezone to store
  • Christian suggested a method that will get the local time zone of the user
  • Jacob asked about the server side API, it can be found under reviewboard/webapi/resources.py
  • Vladikoff’s  new admin UI improvements impressed everyone

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