Status Report for November 13th, 2011


  • Created TimeZoneField model & form fields in Djblets
  • Added a timezone field to the profile model and in the user settings page
  • Changed admin ui timezone form to use TimeZoneField
  • Researched pytz and found best way to convert timezones
Next Steps:
  • Implement timezone conversion for outputted timezones
Road Blocks:
  • django-evolution issues


  • Fresh install of rb/djblets/rbtools
  • Old CSS converted to lesscss, waiting on dev-server to work to test it
  • Started implementing new features of review summary box
Next Steps:
  • Post review summary box feature using lesscss
  • Start new feature
Road Blocks:
  • Can’t start dev server: reviewboard.db is empty, size: zero kb


  • Looking at post-review client/server code
Next Steps:
  • Start adding code to enable Git binary attachment upload
  • Reviewboard review site appears to be down?

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