Status Reports November 27



  • Removed unusable code created before Django tz was announced
  • Implemented Django tz in middleware
  • RB now works with UTC datetime objects (eg. now() is now utcnow() and fromtimestamp() is now utcfromtimestamp())
  • Started converting Djblets (and RB) datetimes into timezone-aware datetimes (with backwards compatability in Djblets)
  • Added datetime localization in some templates

Next steps

  • Continue converting naive datetimes
  • Find all the datetimes that need localization
  • Unit testing


  • Displaying local times in DataGrids, since they render to the template as a string



  • Figuring out current feature
  • Updating older feature based on reviews

Next steps

  • Move forward with feature
  • Update previous feature with changes/upgrades


  • Not sure where my new feature goes on Review Board



  • Adding code to Web API to enable attachment upload from PostReview
  • Revising posted review

Next steps

  • Continue adding code and testing change
  • Post review for the changes


  • None

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