December 4th Meeting Minutes

Mentors: Christian, David and Mike

Students: David, Jacob and Yazan


-This is the last formal Review Board meeting for the term. There will be a post-mortem meeting on Sunday the 11th at the normal time.
-Feedback will be provided by the 12th, so anything completed before the 10th or so will be considered.
-If any of the students have any tips, tricks, or ideas for new students, post them on the blog.
-If your work won’t be completed by term end, create one clean branch and good documentation so another student can pick up your work.
-Review Board is participating in UCOSP next semester.
-The mailing lists and IRC will still be available after the 12th.
-Dave asked if {% localtime on %} tags should be around individual datetimes, or one per template. Mike proposed that it is added one per datetime, and can be changed later if needed.
-Yazan had an issue with callbacks. Mike recommends updating gCommentIssueManager so that it notifies the callbacks for both the new and the old state.
-Jacob will document his project on the blog, under the category “Projects”.


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