Development Status Post – Code Sprint

At the code sprint, I fiddled around with github and set up backup forks of reviewboard and rbtools. I addressed issue 495, submitted a code review and it was accepted into master.

Additionally, I filed issues 2457 and 2460, and worked on some code reviews for other team members.

I picked the Extension Scaffold Generator student project from the wiki, and delved into the sample extensions here (RBBugTracker), and here (toy extensions). After creating a simplified example extension, I modelled the script after The file generation code uses Jinja2 templates, and wrote up a version of the script that could generate extensions that could be installed; after some tweaking, I have submitted a code review.

My next steps are to:

  1. Figure out what other options might be useful for extensions
  2. Flesh out the documentation on the wiki article for building extensions

Anthony Mok


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