Curtis: Winter 2012 Development Plans


  • Fixed issue 1252 and the changes were pulled into master this past Friday.
  • Merged in feature request changes from issue 2271, changes are currently waiting to be pulled into master.


  • Currently tackling a small project to show the incremental changes when a new diff is uploaded for code review. A solution is available for code review, however I am not satisfied with this work-around approach. I believe there is a better way to get the diff number, it would be nice if someone could work through the code with me and help identify its source.
  • I will be tackling an extension that will allow you to review a code review.  A likely name for this will be reviewboard-social. It looks like I will be working closely with Anthony and Steve to gain their extension knowledge.
  • I have been investigating into the OpenID Authentication emhancement, as it seems interesting. It seems this could be made much easier with the django-social-auth.

It was great meeting everybody. I hope you all enjoyed visiting Vancouver.




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