Dave: Winter Code Sprint 2012

Here’s an update on what I’ve been working on.

Issue 2359:

Subversion 1.7 fails at diff parsing because they changed their diff format. The actual problem occurs on line 126 of reviewboard/scmtools/svn.py where pysvn.cat() tries to grab data from the file in “Index: file” but a directory is passed into “Index: directory” instead. Pysvn.cat() returns an error, which translates to a FileNotFoundError. I tried to think of a workaround, but we may need to wait for a Pysvn update to fix this.

Inline File Attachments Project:

Started cleaning up Jacob’s code for “Inline File Attachments” and making it function. It has basic function right now, but Christian is working on thumbnailing separately which will provide classes that render different attachment types. I should not continue with this project until Christian is done with this part.

Time Zones:

Since Django 1.4 is now required for Djblets master to function, I removed the NameError’s and ImportError’s from my time zone project, which kept backwards functionality. Dates.py was also missing for some reason, so I re-wrote the changes and posted that review.

Blog Posts:

I wrote a blog post on Python Virtual Environments and The Python Debugger (pdb).


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