Yazan: Winter 2011-2012 Plans

What was accomplished:

  • r2808: Add a collapse all button to reviews
  • r2816: Maximize issue summary width
  • Assist new students during sprint

What I plan on doing:

  • Fix the counters found on the dashboard
  • Add a javascript observer to auto-update dashboard counters without a need for a refresh
  • Introduce localization for javascript strings using babel or javascript_catalog
  • Enhance the visuals on the issue summary table
  • Add buttons to the issue summary table
  • Add “required” flags to review fields
  • Help mentors with tasks
  • Provide students with help and provide code reviews throughout the term

More ideas:

  • Add “types” to reviews (e.g.: bug fix/feature/enhancement/maintenance)
  • Add testing templates that speed up filling out the testing done field in a review as an extension

If  any compelling features or bug fixes are required or come up, they can supersede my project choices.


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