Minutes for January 28, 2012

Everyone went over which projects they have selected. Dave chose the Diff Viewer Project. Steve will be working on the Static Analysis Extension. Anthony will be tackling the Extension Scaffold Generator. Yazan has not selected any of the projects listed, needs approval from his list of project ideas to pursue. Jim is working on Better Change Description Rendering. Curtis is working on Interdiffs at the moment, and will be starting Reviewer Feedback designs for next week. Wilson is working on Issue 2282. Wei has submitted Review 2818, but still needs a project.

  • Jim needed better clarification on his project. The discussion will be taken offline to cover it in detail.
  • Dave’s only blocking issue was resolved by Christian.
  • Steve has a question about his extension design, if it (PEP8 extension) should extend the base extension or talk to it. Further discussion will be taken offline.
  • Anthony needs to make a new review request for his code review, as it is in a different repository. His extension scaffolding script will need continued polish after some feedback from developers (Curtis and Steve) have used it.
  • Yazan will start by adding required flags on fields which are required before a review is submitted. He will also be looking into uplifting the issue table, and writing some failing tests for dashboard counters. Yazan also has all the pictures from the code sprint.
  • Curtis is investigating custom template tags and is looking for a more elegant solution to determining the enumeration of a diff. He will have some mockups for the reviewboard-social extension ready for next week.
  • Wilson will post his progress up on Review Board, after he receives a quick walk through on the post-review process. He will also be learning more HTML and Django.
  • Wei can update his code review and check off issues once they are fixed. He will be taking on Jacob’s project from laster semester, Tracking User Changes.
  • Development issues can be posted to the review-dev mailing list instead of the UCOSP list. As always, you can post in #reviewboard-students if you need any help.

The next meeting is on February 4th, 2012. Wei will be collecting status reports and Jim will be taking meeting minutes.

February 4th – status reports: Wei Lu, minutes: Jim

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