Minutes for February 5, 2012

Our status updates are as follows:

  • Anthony is waiting for a ship-it on his last review and is looking for a new project next week.
  • Steve is looking for inputs in his project on which tool to use for the web request handling code. Candidates are Twisted, Node.js and Tornado. As recommended by Christian, Steve is going to try out Tornado. His code is going to be here.
  • Jim is waiting for a ship-it in his last review. He found another bug that’s related to the component he is currently working on and he will open a bug for it.
  • Yazan is doing fine and has plenty of work for the week. He also upload the photos for the code sprint here. Later, Yazan asks Christian for his input in this issue. Christian feel that it is not the top priority right now.
  • Dave is going to take over Christian’s change for attachment review(binary diff). Dave also had a question about diff data for moved files and Christian answers it. The thing that was mentioned is moved files are hard to track with only diffs.
  • Curtis is waiting for a ship-it for his review and needs feedback on interface designs for reviewboard-social link
  • Wilson has a question regarding diff being unavailable but it seems to be nothing major. He also has another quick question later regarding cleaning up “evolution” history and Christian answers it.
  • Wei has a question regarding the “evolution” folder when he is exploring the code and Mike answers it. So “evolution” files are Python scripts that update database schema in Django. Wei also has a simple question regarding WebAPI and Christian answers it.
  • Mike will be added to the mod list for reviewboard-dev

The next meeting is on February 11th, 2012. David will be collecting status reports and Wei will be taking meeting minutes.

February 11th – status reports: David, minutes: Wei Lu


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