Meeting Minutes – Feb 11, 2012

Attendance: all mentors and students.

– Mike announced that mentors will determine part of our grades base on: 1) being pesent, 2) communication, 3) how well you take the code review criticism & 4) your projects. Nothing have we heard from the universities about the evaluation.

– Yazan was suggested to make the required field flag a star with “(required)” at the end and set required=”required”. On the summary table, Yazan would make a filter instead of collapsing (a little dropdown or toggles above it for showing opened issues or all; default to opened issues).

– Wilson has recovered and is doing well with his current review request. He will pick up another project soon.

– Steven learned from Mike and Christian that the WebHooks being blocked automatically is fine for now and that the POST request it sends should use JSON. Steven proposed to make some tools that can retrieve from the code base. Christian had three alternatives: pointing to the review board database, having an own clone of database or making some channel. They would talk about another issue, djblets extensions admin, afterwards.

– Jim learned some routines to involve djblets 0.6.x and see remote branches from Mike and David. He would need his master updated in this case.

– Dave had an OSError in his VM when he had to restart the dev server after file changes. Mike suggested him to try a fresh clone, and they would resolve the error later.

– Curtis wanted to look at similar some code on template hooks. Mike would show him how to use the review-summary-header-post hook after the meeting.

– Anthony had email issues. he would start looking at some unit tests (e.g. notifications/ Christian and Mike mentioned.

– Wei asked how to manually test his project. Mike suggested to set up a repository for the local reviewboard install, connect it to the actual Review Board Github repository, generate diffs against the current Review Board source, and post them to the local instance.

REMINDER —- Feb 28: status reports, Wilson; minutes, David.

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