Meeting Minutes Feb 18, 2012

All of the students and mentors attended this meeting.


-Mike emailed the UCOSP steering committee and they have given the mentors an evaluation rubric.
-Midterm evaluations are due this Wednesday. If you think you can’t complete your project this semester then it’s a good time to talk to the mentors.
-Anthony has no roadblocks this week, and is working on addressing a code review.
-Christian has a tip about Django database development. Django has ways to minimize database queries and can group them in other queries. He recommends reading the docs on select_related() and other database docs.
-Review board 1.7 will require Django 1.4. This adds prefetch_related functionality.
-Curtis has had a busy week, no updates aside from his status report.
-Willer is having database issues which will be resolved in non-meeting time.
-Dave has no concerns that weren’t stated in his status report.
-Yazan has no roadblocks, but needs a new project. The “expand all” button is sometimes annoying when you only want to expand a bit. Christian has some half-finished code for that which Yazan can finish up.
-Wilson is having trouble finding out where to place his changes, this is brought up in his review. He’s also having problems with a checkbox being “checked” when it should really render as “unchecked”. His project is almost done – he will need a new project soon.
-For client-side debugging, use Chrome dev tools for Chrome or firebug for Firefox.
-Steve continues the discussion on how Review Bot will get code. The initial idea might be to query RB for the files. Christian points out that what’s needed is the repository configuration (including SSH keys) which can be done by looking directly at RB’s database. Then create an abstraction layer over SCM tools, starting with checkout update on git.
-Steve is also concerned because his webhooks extension has started relying on his extension modifications. These modifications should be reviewed asap!
-Jim will be working throughout reading week, and will try to post a review request soon. Jim also found a bug, which he will be fixing.
-Steve asked Christian about his WIP T-shirt designs again, which would be awesome!


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