Meeting Minutes: Feb 25, 2012

All members were present to the meeting



  • Midterm reviews were sent the past Wednesday (ie we’re half-way through the “course”)
  • Upgrading to Django 1.4 beta
  1. {{MEDIA_URL}} is now {% static}
  3. adds elif
  4. Look out for random breakage
  5. To install $ easy_install
  6. To update $ ./reviewboard/ evolve –execute
  7. feel free to read release notes


  • Wilson’s new project will be to work on issue 829
  • Willer is looking to pick up the “Weekly email update” project and is near completion of his latest review (post 2891). Also has some problems with the Scheduler. He will look into crontabs.
  • Steven was a little blocked on his extensions; admin sites and default settings. To avoid ReviewBot being SpamBot, security measures were discussed.
  • Jim will doing some catch up with his project.  He also has a blog post due Monday.
  • Dave will be doing some research on diff file formats supported by git, svn, hg, and possibly cvs
  • Curtis is looking to dynamically populate template files, and has been recommended to use templatetag.
  • Anthony is looking for a new project, and will look into selecting between different styles to view screenshots in full review and diff review.

Side notes


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