How to set up local test environment for Review Board

When developing for Review Board, often you would want to test out local changes and need to set up a local repository in the local instance of Review Board. There are many ways to achieve this. What I did is use my local /reviewboard folder as my repository. Here is the instruction on how to do this:

First, you want to make sure Review Board is properly installed in the local machine and make sure you are able to log in as admin

Go to the admin page, and click “Add +” in the repositories group

Give the repository a name (eg. “Review Board Test”). Edit: you must name it “Review Board”

Make sure “Show this repository” is checked (it is checked by default)

Edit: Select “GitHub” in “Hosting service:” (“Repository type:” will be forced to “Git”)

Select “Git” in Repository type.

Edit: “Project’s owner:” and “Project name:” should both be “reviewboard”

Edit: The idea here is to mirror how the actual reviewboard repository is configured, but when posting reviews, we are going to post it to the local reviewboard instance instead of to the origin in GitHub

For Path, enter the absolute path to your Review Board repo’s .git directory (eg. “/reviewboard/.git”)

Hit save

And that’s it. If everything works you should see the name of the repository that you just create in the repositories group

To post review to it, simply do (make sure the changes are committed):

post-review –repository-url=[name of the repository] –server=http://localhost:8080

Edit: post-review –server=http://localhost:8080 (note that –repository-url is no longer needed)

so in this example, it would be post-review –repository-url=Review\ Board\ Test –server=http://localhost:8080 (Note that the spaces must be escaped)



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