Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2012

All students and mentors present.




  • Many had busy weeks, and didn’t accomplish much.
  • Static media change has landed, if things break on update see ChipX86.
    • if you use MEDIA_URL at all, you need to switch to STATIC_URL or {% static “path” %} in templates.

Round Robin:

  • ammok has no issues/blockers.
    • He hasn’t had a chance to consider the full-file review project yet.
  • Curtis has no issues/blockers.
  • happyface ran his ideas for the capabilities in rbtools by ChipX86.
    • Everything sounds good, ChipX86 wants to see the API he comes up with to make sure it’s future-proof.
  • purple_cow arrived to meeting.
  • jimrrchen hasn’t made much progress with rendering, wants more help from ChipX86.
    • Where code should be written was discussed.
    • jimrrchen will create a new template tag to render the diff.
    • jimrrchen will look at template tag examples in reviews/templatetags/
  • smacleod needs reviews on extension modifications (specifically r2907).
    • ChipX86 completed a review during meeting.
  • m_conley will be reviewing this week.
    • He insisted this be placed in the minutes.
  • weilul wanted to discuss purple_cow’s comment on review request r2891.
    • There is an issue when two drafts are made concurrently.
    • To avoid dealing with conflict resolution, the first draft published “wins”.
    • This will be ignored for now, and dealt with separately since the issue already exists.
  • H20 wanted discussion on options for his project (Issue 829)
    • Filtering by start character was suggested. There might be shortcomings with large user databases.
    • H20 will prototype and provide feedback / screenshots.
    • Django’s admin stuff might have some clever things H20 could copy.
  • medanat’s r2881 was on hold for changes which have gone in now, ChipX86 is looking in to it.

Post Meeting:

  • If you get ‘Storage module “” does not define a “PipelineCachedStorage” class.’ django_pipeline needs to be upgraded
    • run ‘python develop’ to fix this (or just upgrade django_pipeline).

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