Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2012

Administrative Concerns

  • Wilson is unable to attend this weekend, but everybody else is in attendance.
  • Django upgrade: if you’re still having problems, talk to one m_conley/ChipX86/purple_cow or send a general request to the IRC channel.

Meeting Proper


  • request for feedback on comment on the open issue (r/2810)
  • brief discussion on the proper placement of select_related, i.e., near the construction of the query, and before the query will be instantiated/executed
  • tips for fighting coding burnout
    • break up the larger tasks with non-coding tasks or smaller side-tasks with more immediate results
    • deconstruct the large task into smaller chunks/milestones with their own immediate/tangible results. nurture a sense of accomplishment and definite progress.
  • hopes to bring Javascript experience into extension frontend


  • issues with naive timezone warnings when passing in __range (snippet)
  • python issue (snippet)

New Student Project Idea: reviewable pasting service


  • Busy week, but no roadblocks moving forward


  • discussed proper location of admin command. examples provided using find `reviewboard/ -name management -type d`
  • question about blog post: high-level idea of the semester so far for an audience that has a passing knowledge of Review Board, refer to other blog posts for examples.


  • issue regarding reintroducing a fork from github into a local branch



  • discussed action log for admin site, selected course of action is to remove the link


  • reminder that there may be some reviewed requests that haven’t been updated yet, so check in on any pending requests.

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