Meeting Minutes for March 17th, 2012


  • We have 3 more meetings before wrapping up, depending on the size/scope of your project, you may want to reserve the last week to polish and document your project
  • If you don’t think you’re going to be able to finish your projects, it’s critical that you inform one of the mentors
  • Status reports should posted at least one hour before the meeting, so please send them ASAP


  • Framework should be able to handle additional mimetypes through extensions
  • Thumbnails will be rendered as HTML allowing the author to decide on the looks
  • Generate a new comment class for full-file review comments


  • Requested reviews on extension documentation
  • ReviewBot next top priority


  • Requested review on r2966
  • Will be knocking off bugs till the end of the semester or picking up one of Christian’s suggested projects


  • Static media should be placed in “/reviewboard/static”, htdocs is off-limits now
  • Need to attach “–tracking-branch=origin/master” flag to post-review github branch
  • Use to post screenshots, get an account to group images


  • Waiting on review request for r2918
  • Next project is possibly “better binary files”
  • Possibly select one of the projects suggested by Christian along with jimrrchen


  • Having trouble placing “select_related()” within the code
  • “review_request = review_request.select_related(‘diffset_history__diffsets’)” is the gist of the idea,  Christian will provide code in the review


  • Merge conflict occurred, instructed on how to resolve it
  • Some files may have changed locations and may need to re-apply changes
  • Mockup “new submitters page” using wireframe to a layout similar to the dashboard’s


  • Requirements for “weekly headlines project” are not clear, approach explained here: ””
  • Had trouble running unit tests, will contact dev mailing list for support

Christian’s suggested projects:

  • “if you select text in, say, the description box, it opens, which it shouldn’t do”
  • “if you have the box open, and yo udidn’t modify it, you’ll still be asked if you’re sure you want to leave the page, which is painful when trying to close a review request”
  • “when someone closes a review request, the update bubble that appears later is that the review request is “updated.” It should be smarter and say it was closed”

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