Meeting Minutes for March 24th, 2012


  • Review Board has been listed as one of the participating organizations in the Google Summer of Code 2012. Applications will be taken starting Monday, March 26th.


  • Busy, but working on Weekly Headlines.
  • Will get it working in the terminal first, then convert the output to email format.


  • Roadblock is cleared.
  • Yazan should update the CSS for in-progress reviews.


  • Christian’s changes went integrated smoothly into r2810.
  • Mike would like to see a a work in progress update for the rating extension. Curtis will post something before the next meeting.


  • Having some trouble making the wire frames for the submitters, currently using MS Paint, cant get the spacing right. Mike will help with this after the meeting.
  • Mike will offer some guidance on r2828 after the meeting.
  • Not sure if it is realistic to finish issue 829.


  • Still needs a review on r2918.
  • Would like to find out more about JS event binding.
  • The element has to be made “draggable” to use onselectstart binding. This makes it physically drag around with the mouse.
  • “select” is the best candidate for an event to bind.


  • Needs a review on r3001.
  • Publishing a discarded review request will reopen it. Submitted review requests will be reopened/updated.
  • Needs a review on r2966, specifically
  • Would like to discuss r3000 with Christian when he is available.
  • Will be looking for something to do for the last week. Will either consider making a screen-cast, or go through the issue tracker for small bugs/enhancements to implement.


  • Will file an issue for a when a draft is in the review request list, but can’t be published.
  • For reviewbot, I want a non-blocking way to execute code analysis after receiving the request. Also looking for opinions on how to do this.
  • Celery is the recommended way to accomplish this.
  • Reviewbot should just be restricted to only the files that were changed.
  • The scope of the reviewbot project is too big, and Steven wont be able to have a fully functioning review bot to the initial standards he had hoped.
  • Webhooks extension is close, code reviews on it would be beneficial.


  • Received a code review, no longer blocked on that, and can move forward and make changes.
  • Not sure what to do for the full-file review project, due to the time limitations. Might be able to finish the project after the deadline/exams.

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