Meeting Minutes for March 31st, 2012

Not Present: Curtis


  • Finish coding by April 11th
  • If cannot finish, document your work so someone can pick it up easily


  • Yazan: Doing well, just needs some reviews.
  • Dave: Figured solution/direction for r2991.
  • Steven: Needed a review bot repo added to  Needs some reviews r3020, r2855.
  • Jim: Consolidating get_chunks. now has a location in changedescs/templatetags
  • Anthony: Concern with conflicting code with Yazan.
  • Willer: Problem with “./reviewboard”, no real damage.  Still having problems with unit testing.
  • Wilson: Chosen a wireframe. Will continue to code r3030.

Side Notes

  • “git pull” = “git fetch merge”
  • Help with reviewing!
  • Steven now has the ReviewBot repo

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