Meeting Minutes for April 7th, 2012

Not Present: Curtis


  • This was the last official meeting.
  • Students are encouraged to continue contributing to the Review Board community.
  • Optional post-mortem meeting scheduled for next week same time (Sat, April 14th – 5pm EST)


  • Anthony needs his outstanding requests reviewed.
  • Dave discovered selectstart for inline editor didn’t work in webkit.
  • Steve needs reviews on extension doc (r/2950) and Web Hooks (r/2855). Mike thinks Web Hooks should be Ship It!
  • Steve wants to discuss Review Bot, but it can be post UCOSP.
  • Wilson was having problems with the datagrid.
  • Mike suggested Wilson check out best-way-to-do-an-a-z-list-in-django
  • Jim needs someone to take a look at r/2966. His patch also had problems, but syncing with master should fix
  • Jim needs a ship it for r/3033
  • Mike will be ‘peeling’ into reviews today, including r/3033
  • Yazan’s issue summary table change has taken extra time due to lack of response on review requests.
  • Yazan’s incremental expansion had to be pushed back a bit, update will be posted tonight/tomorrow.
  • Weilul’s r/2891 patch has bitrotted, he’s going to fix this up.
  • Steering committee requires evaluations on the 12th, soft pencils down date is the 10th/11th.

In Closing:

  • Students should start thinking now about what can be improved for future students, and bring it up in post-mortem.
  • Big group hug, students and mentors were thanked.

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