Meeting Minutes for May 27th, 2012

This was our first official meeting for GSoC! We’re pleased to welcome Bogdana Popa to the project, and welcome back Steven MacLeod.

The nature of their projects will be made more apparent in future blogposts from the both of them.

  • A general announcement – there’s a big change going on in the codebase right now; RB is changing its model a bit to have a core concept of hosting services and accounts (with things like API token storage) for those services.
    • This is in response to GitHub changing their API (which we require for fetching files from GitHub to show diffs) in a way that’s incompatible with what we have today
    • Reviews are the key thing to help with this. Testing wouldn’t hurt either if you wanted to spend the time.
    • A final patch should be up this week.
    • These changes will likely have an impact on Steven’s project, since they will give us the ability to start doing things like better DVCS integration with these services, which will affect the API and what tools we’ll need.
  • From Bogdana
    • Just came back from a holiday in Japan, and ready to tear into her project.
    • Have started coming up with solutions for the activity feed
    • Stumbled on a Django App that we might want to incorporate, or at the very least, emulate.
      • We need to study this – we’ve been broken by third-party things before…
    • Has started a rough implementation of the action feed with the app – patch should be up for perusal sometime this week.
      • This sort of thing is good fodder for the blog!
    • Q: My proposition was to add an activity feed as a Dashboard entry, but it doesn’t seem like it fits in there since the other entries are based on the datagrid.
      • A: That’s true, but they don’thave to be based on the datagrid.
      • Depending on the entry, it actually branches off into different views (all datagrids, but only because that’s what we’ve been showing so far)
    • Q: Should I leave the activity feed in the Dashboard and try to get around the datagrids, or should we introduce it as a separate menu item?
      • A: Leave it in the Dashboard, and make it the top entry
      • The view would basically be doing “if view_name == ‘activity’: return activity_view()
    • Q: When upgrading to this feature, should we also populate the activity feed with events from the past?
      • A: No, let’s only do it for new things.
  • From Steven
    • Working through the asynchronous stuff for the API.
    • Still trying to figure out how asynchronous stuff works in Python
    • Q: Asynchronous implies multi-threaded?
      • A: Not necessarily, no. It can be done many ways, in response to events, in a mainloop, multi-process…
    • Q: What should I use for urllib2? Threads?
      • A: Ignore threads for now. Design for async usage without making it async yet.
      • We’ll likely end up providing something like a gevent backend for the data transfer, which will do our async stuff.
      • You should be able to design a proper async API without having to have an async backend yet.
    • There are some outstanding review requests from last semester still waiting for review!
      • Let’s not forget about ReviewBot, people.
  • Bogdana also has some review requests up there. Let’s clear those out.
  • Contact ChipX86 if you want an IRC bouncer (irssi running on ChipX86’s server)

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