Meeting Minutes for June 3rd, 2012

Not Present: ChipX86


  • Steven
    • Steven received a message from mbait regarding updates to his work on the API (
    • Steven explained how it was decided earlier his GSoC focus would shift from commands to API.
    • Steven will contact mbait to start discussion about his plans, and where Steven will focus effort.
  • Bogdana
    • Bogdana has started working on the GUI for the activity stream.
    • purple_cow brought up the issue of scalability with django-activity-stream.
    • m_conley noted scalability was an issue at one point:
    • Scalability will need to be tested, but UI work can continue and be adapted to whatever backend is used.
    • Bogdana will perform some scalability tests, and probably implement an additional, faster, fill-db script
  • ChipX86 Arrives
    • ChipX86 believes the async route + gen decorator is the right way to go.
    • Steven should have the discussion with mbait, but not let it block him.
    • Scalability testing is crucial for the activity feed.
    • The activity feed doesn’t need history going back “to the end of time”.
    • ChipX86 has a few concerns about the django-activity-stream
      • If they change the API, we will break, possibly on older released version. We must pick a version and stick with it, paying careful attention to the project
      • If the project dies/changes direction, we must fork, and update the fork. This is annoying, but similar to writing from scratch.
      • Can the app be used with Review Board local sites?
    • Message queues are probably the best way to handle this.
    • ChipX86 thinks it might be time to finally bring them in to the project.
    • Steven will make a blog post with some articles and information on message queues.
    • Everyone will read up on the topic, and we will have a discussion next meeting.

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