Status Reports – June 17, 2012



  • implementing a prototype of the action feed, which stores history as a JSON field in the ReviewRequest table
  • implementing a prototype that stores actions as separate entries in a separate Actions table (this was just to satisfy my own curiosity)
  • building a script that fills the database in order to test the implementations above
  • currently running the tests and trying to reach some conclusions

Next Steps:

  • Decide on one of the proposed implementations and start working on the final version of the feature


  • None



  • Documenting Python Client API Design.
  • Preparing code for Review.
  • Midterm week was slow.

Next Steps:

  • Commit design documentation to wiki.
  • Post chunks of API for review.
  • Finish implementation of builder and transport


  • How should I be managing the code for review in chunks? (Start new branches off rbtools master, and copy chunks of code over?)

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