Meeting Minutes for July 1, 2012


  • It was decided the API will provide resource fields as attributes. Naming conflicts will prefer built-ins, and if collisions arise in the future, it will be fixed.
  • djblets will be patched to provide an “Item-Content-Type” header for list resources, indicating the type of the item resource. The API will now require Review Board 1.6.10+ because of this.
  • Design changes to simplify the resource factory, and move complexity into each separate transport are fine.
  • Lists and links returned from the API should be detected, and wrapped by the transport, to provide intelligent usage.


  • The activity feed prototype is nearing completion.
  • AJAX calls for expanding the action boxes will be investigated this week.
  • There is still the issue of deletion of visit data.
  • Cleanup of the visit data, and the activity table should be moved in to a periodic job.
  • Options for generic periodic jobs in Review Board are being considered, and the data cleanup will be considered again later.

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