Meeting Minutes for July 15, 2012


  • will have the API assume the resource data is returned in a key which is not in { ‘stat’,  ‘total_results’ }. If there is more than one key, the standard resource will except, but a resource specific base class could handle it.
  • will keep in mind allowing API plugins to provide extra resource specific base classes.
  • will stop parsing mimetypes, and treat the entire mimetype as the resource base class identifier (The +json, +xml can be stripped though).
  • Mike will take a look at r/3172 tonight.


  • has made the exapandle boxes work for changedesc, but is unhappy with the implementation.
  • The implementation will be changed to construct new html in javascript, rather than building from html that’s already there.
  • was worried about translation in javascript. This needs to be figured out more generally, and Bogdana will not worry about the translation right now.
  • The current implementation of the Actions web API resource supplies actions for all users, instead of per-user, which is a security risk. This will be changed to make the resource a child of the user resource.

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