Meeting Minutes for August 5, 2012


  • ‘Pencils down’ is only two weeks away
  • [Offtopic] Curiosity is landing today


  • RB 1.7 beta 1 is out (yay!)
  • We’re in feature freeze for the beta 2 (all new features will go in a point release)
  • David is on vacation for the next week or two, Mike will miss next week’s meeting and Christian will be out the week after that


  • Posted the latest work, waiting for reviews
  • Is a bit behind schedule, but expects to finish on time


  • Will have to study for two exams this week, but starting Friday it’s RB all the way
  • Expects to finish on time: will definitely have a fully working, shippable sync API and a lot of progress on the async one
  • Christian declares the example usage code for the API awesome
  • Will try to post smaller chunks for review

Christian (again):

  • ReviewBoard will get a makeover in 1.7 beta 2
  • Still left for implementation in 1.7 is : further integration of the issues (showing resolved issues in change descriptions), finish support for binary file uploading and killing-off screenshot specific support and just integrate it in the file attachments

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