Getting a patch landed

Here’s a general walk-through of the code submission process, for those who are curious:

  1. The coder works on a “working” or “feature” branch, based on the master branch of Review Board.
  2. The coder makes sure to update their master branch, and merge with their working branch to make sure they don’t get “bit-rotted” (their code becomes conflicted with the current state of the master branch)
  3. When the fix is finally done, the coder uses the post-review tool to create and post a patch up to for review.
  4. The coder is now responsible for making sure someone reviews that patch. This might involve some gentle prodding / reminding.
  5. Once the patch receives a “Ship-it” from one or more mentors, one of those mentors will take the patch and push it to the Review Board master branch, with the coder’s name as the author.

And that’s it – that’s how a patch gets submitted.


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