Who’s Doing What (Fall 2012 Term)

So each student on the team has a few extra responsibilities this semester.  In particular, a student will be responsible each week for collecting / hounding down status reports and posting them on this blog at least 24 hours before the weekly IRC meeting.  Another student will be responsible each week for taking the meeting transcripts and turning them into nice, summarized posts which will also be posted here.

Here is an example of a status report post – notice how short and punchy each status report is.  They get right to the point:  Current Status, Next Steps, Roadblocks, Questions.  Point form is fine.  Again, these should be collected and posted, and then read by the team 24 hours before the IRC meeting.  This way, we can answer questions in advance, and we’re all more or less on the same page when the meeting begins.

And here is an example of an IRC log summary.  Again, point form is fine.

So, here’s the schedule – please note that it might be subject to change, so check back often.

September 23rd – minutes: Sampson
September 30th (Sprint weekend) – status reports: Sampson
October 2nd – UCOSP blog post: Jesus

October 7th – status reports: Michelle, minutes: Mike
October 9th – UCOSP blog post: Tina
October 14th – status reports: Wesley, minutes: Karl

October 16th – UCOSP blog post: John
October 21st – status reports: Karl, minutes: Aamir
October 23rd – UCOSP blog post: Sampson
October 28th – status reports: Aamir,  minutes: Allyshia

October 30th – UCOSP blog post: Michelle
November 4th – status reports: Allyshia, minutes: John
November 6th – UCOSP blog post: Wesley
November 11th – status reports: John, minutes: Tina

November 13th – UCOSP blog post: Karl
November 18th – status reports: Tina, minutes: Jesus
November 20th – UCOSP blog post: Aamir
November 25th – status reports: Jesus, minutes: Wesley

November 27th – UCOSP blog post: Allyshia
December 2nd – status reports: Mike, minutes: Michelle

Post-mortem (date TBA)

Team:  I highly recommend bookmarking this post, and marking your days down in a calendar somewhere.


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