UCOSP Blog Post

Hello everyone, I am Tina Yang, a Computer Science student from the University of British Columbia. I love the idea of open source and group collaboration so I did not hesitate at all when applying for the UCOSP program. This program, specially the Review Board team, has lived up to or perhaps even surpassed my high expectation of it.

We have been following an organized schedule to push forward in the project. Here is an (my) idealized week of a student working on the Review Board project to demonstrate our workflow and the tools and process we utilize:

Monday Review the meeting minutes (summary of last week’s irc meeting) and plan out the goals to achieve this week.
Tuesday One of the students in the group will submit an UCOSP blog post.
Sync local code with master using Git and start hacking away.
Wednesday While working through the code, find a process tedious/difficult to do, search through Review Board’s Google Groups and Blogs for tips and discover some clever tips/script on the blog that makes your life a little brighter.
Thursday Unable to solve a problem after decent hours of debugging and googling around, decided to paste the error in http://pastie.org/ or http://pastebin.com/ and ping mentors on IRC to consult them on the matter. The mentors patiently give hints and advices regarding that problem and some helpful peers (students from the current or previous terms) join in the conversation sharing their experience with similar problems.
Friday Run the newly written code through the PEP 8 style guide script. Merge from master and run all the automated test suites to make sure they pass with the new code. Feeling good about the new changes and submit them to Review Board for code review. (small chunks of code are better!)
Saturday Submit a status report highlighting what has been done or is in progress, what were the roadblocks, what is next, and any possible questions 24 hours before the IRC meeting on Sunday.
Sunday Prepare questions for the IRC meeting.
Participate in the one hour IRC meeting and wait for your turn to ask the mentors questions.
One student in the group will compile the important points in the meeting into a summary and post it on the blog as meeting minutes.

I feel really privileged to be in this program, and the friendly and intelligent group of Review Board with experienced and patient mentors and motivated peers. I’ve had a great experience so far and hope that we will all have a blast this term!


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