Meeting Minutes for October 7th, 2012


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians!
  2. Djblets got upgraded to a new jQuery and jQuery UI. This initially broke the inline editor and the columns for the datagrid, but those should be fixed now. Keep an eye out for more breakage!

Questions / Answers / Tips:

Q (Allyshia): I need a JS engine to run JSLint for my Review Bot tool. Does anybody have any recommendations? Any suggestions beyond what got posted in the mailing list thread?
A: Mike doesn’t have much experience embedding JavaScript engines, but the two he’d suggest off the top of his head are SpiderMonkey and V8.  Node.js is usually built against V8 (although it can be done against SpiderMonkey too), so V8 might be the path of least resistance.

Action item:  Allyshia is going to write up in her review request (or a blog post!) how Node.js and the JavaScript engine all play together with JSLint and Review Bot.

Q (Mike to Michelle): Have you and Aamir sorted out who’s doing which pluggable UI?
A: No not yet. It might be easier if you chose for us.

Q (Michelle): So as soon as we decide who’s doing what, we can work pretty independently?
A: Yes, we think so.

Action item: Michelle will be working on the PDF pluggable UI. As a start, she’s going to be examining PDF.js to render PDFs to a canvas element.

Q (Sampson): MimeTypeHandler is the base class for the different types of files that we are supposed to handle for attachment. This class is going to be used by other purposes than thumbnail rendering, I take it?
A: It’s conceivable we might use that class to determine which pluggable UI to use.

Q (Sampson): How does Review Board determine which MIME type to assign to an uploaded file?
A: I think it goes like this: when the user uploads a file, I believe the MIME type is sent along in the HTTP header. When the server receives the HTTP request, it stores that transmitted MIME type in the database, associated with the attachment. I believe what we want to do is the following: when we start displaying the thumbnails for a review request’s attachments, we look-up the MIME type for that attachment, find the appropriate renderer, and render the thumbnail. If we can’t find a renderer, we fall back to the default one.

Q (Sampson): What kind of stuff is appropriate for blog posts?
A: Blog about stuff that you think we, as Review Board developers, would be interested in. Blogging about the beautiful Autumn weather is probably something that should go on your own personal blog. Blog about stuff you wish you’d known.

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