Meeting Minutes for October 14th, 2012


No Review Board announcements.

Questions / Answers / Tips:

Q (Aamir) What is the scope of the Pluggable UI project, with respect to text-based files (e.g. Markdown, reStructuredText)?
A: The goals of the project should be to allow rendering, diffing (already supported by RB) and potentially spell-checking for text-based formatting language files. As a plus, it would be nice to be able to toggle between rendered and raw versions of the file.

Q (Allyshia) When is UCOSP considered over?
A: Roughly the first week of December. However, it varies for each university, so check with your course instructor / UCOSP liason at your school.

Q (John) Any updates on the state of the base class and rbpost?
A: The base class is there, and should run commands which have be defined in the entrypoints. rbpost isn’t functioning fully yet, but all the parts of interest should be available soon (hopefully by Oct 15).

Q (Karl) Should repository SSH key association be available/automatic when adding repositories via the API?
A: It would be nice, but may not be feasible. ChipX86 may be able to say for certain.

Q (Michelle) Which files would be good to look into for image diffing?
A: Other front-end diff handlers are in diffviewer.js, and should be a good place to start, even if the structure may have changed with the addition of Backbone.js. As for image types to handle, anything with a image/* MIME type would be nice.

Q (Sam) How will the recent changes to the pluggable UI projects affect how thumbnails for text are handled?
A: They won’t — use the same, existing thumbnail rendering.

Q (Sam) Can we use the Markdown and docutils python libraries (from PyPI)?
A: Most likely. docutils is already part of the RB dependencies, and a markdown library will be a necessity for rendering. Double-check with purplecow and/or ChipX86 to be sure.

Q (Wesley) Is there any preference for specific build bot systems? If not, is it alright to write a Jenkins plugin for RB?
A: No preference. A Jenkins plugin would be fine.

Q (Tina) Are there some simple tests/checks that can be run when something goes wrong with Reviewboard, before drilling down into debugging?
A: It depends on the situation, but here a few that might be useful

  • If you just pulled, and everything is broken, pull in the latest changes to djblets and rbtools, then run python develop. This should rule out changes to dependencies.
  • Ask others to see if the problem is affecting them as well.
  • Check your DB — run ./reviewboard/ syncdb, and check to see if any database migrations need to be run (via Django evolution)
  • Try restarting your development server.

An expanded list of these kinds of tips might make for a good blog post.

Q (Sam) What’s the difference between a patch and a review request?
A: A patch is submitted code that fixes a bug or adds a feature. A patch is contained within a review request, but a review request does not necessarily imply a patch. A review request sometimes just contains screenshots, for example.

Any tips for fitting Reviewboard into a busy schedule?
A: Finding free slices of time to work on Reviewboard can be tough. So, set aside a dedicated chunk of time where you can work on Reviewboard uninterrupted.Having a block of time to work with makes it easier to get in the zone: you avoid inefficient context switching, and you’re more likely to be able to get a back and forth going on IRC.

More tips:

  • Find a place with no distractions (don’t work where you sleep).
  • Breaking up your job into tasks that can be performed independently is also good, so if you get blocked on one, you can ask your question, and work on the other task until you get unblocked.

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