GUI based IDE and useful plugins for better code

I’m terrible with VIM (or console based editor like emacs) and come from a Windows GUI background. So my VIM chops and console skills are abysmal.

Luckily I found an awesome GUI based IDE for Python called Geany. I like that it has a terminal built in (some things you just can’t get away with), a compiler to run your Python code, clean layout, syntax highlighting for Python, etc. It also saves state of your opened files, so you can resume your work just by opening the IDE again.

What’s even better is that you can add some plugins that will help you write better code. Pep8 and Pylint can be integrated into Geany so you ensure your code meets standards. Learn how to install it here. I was constantly submitting bad code, such as trailing spaces or poor indentation. This fixed it.


Don’t forget to enable ‘Show White Space’ under ‘View->Editor’ and change default indentation to spaces.

GIT UI Visualization – Very cool tool called called GITG Kind of neat to have. May help those new with GIT.

“gitg targets cases where it is useful to provide a graphical representation of Git data or actions.”

I hope this helps future RB’ers that are new to Linux environment and Python development.


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