Meeting Minutes for Nov 25th, 2012


  • Next meeting is our last meeting in semester!
  • Please, post whatever you have up now so that the mentors can look at it.
  • We will be having a post-mortem chat on Sunday, December 16th.
    Please think about:

    1. What did we do that was effective, that we should definitely keep
    2. What things did we not do enough of that we should do more of?
    3. What things did we do too much of?
    4. What things should we not do at all?
    5. What new things could we do?


Q: (aam1r) Does anyone know how I can go about using a classmethod
as view for a URL pattern in Django? I’ve tried simply moving the method into a class and added the @classmethod decorator but I get the following error: . Here’s the function that I am talking about btw: . And here’s how it looks locally: (r'^(?P<review_request_id>[0-9]+)/file/(?P<file_attachment_id>[0-9]+)/rendered$','')

A: (ChipX86) Try adding the class name. If that doesn’t work, just move the view out of the class

Q: (jzamp) snippet So i’m doing it this way because i need to call reviewRequestFieldEditor() if the ‘.editable’ fields are not binded to the inlineEditor(this is the case when a previously discarded review request is opened)

A: (m_conley) I don’t really like how the code is peering inside for editicon. I mean, the whole point of inlineEditor is to manage all of that stuff for us. Always bind, but if we’re in a non-editing state, bind with the initial state as disabled.
all state management should definitely go through that

Q: (slchen) I spent this past week working on new requirements for the thumbnails project; I think now it’s mostly done. Now I hope to double check with the mentors for general advice on the extensions integration with reviewUI project. I’ve gotten as far as the registering logic for registering reviewUIs from extensions. I think I can hammer out 30-40 hours before hard pencils down into the project; and if I can bug with the mentors with more questions than usual, I should be able to get most of it done. Should I continue as planned? The next steps are slchen: write the tests for registering reviewUIs as we discussed (didn’t get to do that yet b/c of thumbnails project), then mockups and then build a sample extension with a sample reviewUI based on the boilerplate code generator

A: (m_conley) Sounds like the right trajectory – just make sure you give us enough time to review

Q: (tahnok) Is it possible to have formatting inside of comments on a review, like colour?

A: (ChipX86:) Nope

Q: (yangtina) We can’t delete a file attachment from a review request yet, is that correct? If so, is there any tips on clearing up the review request? I have a lot of screenshot files on my review requests that are no longer applicable, I think they make the review request somewhat confusing and want to clean them up somehow. Would labeling them by revision number in the caption help? Any tip on good practice in this case?

A: There should be a red X next to the images that works. It turns out there was a js bug that had to be fixed.

Other news

(yangtina) I’m trying to compile a useful list of tips/useful things we wish we knew at the beginning of the term as one of the legacies of the UCOSP students for 2012. (specially on new materials, like the new api etc) I hope that it will become something that the mentors can give future students to get them started on the project faster, use as a reference as they go along, and add to as they go. If that’s something you find interested. Link to blog post


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