Week 1 Status Report

As per request, I will be reposting my blog posts. This was originally posted on January 27, 2013.

  • What did you do this week?

I got settled back into my normal schedule, attended my classes and had a bunch of work shifts piled onto me due to them allowing the weekend off (unheard of when working part-time retail).

For my project, I took a more in depth look into the overall Django environment; as like I said in our weekend, I am relatively good with Python, but I am new with Django and its MVC design structure.

For my task of Depends On/Blocks, I’ve researched into how the ReviewBoard system completes its inner-workings, and started mapping out some ideas on how to implement my task. I’ve set up the initial HTML/CSS mapping for the front-end, and have mapped out and implemented the potential models for the relationships.

  • What is blocking you from progressing?

At the moment its mainly getting the time to sit down and get things done (I have an open upcoming week so I should get some substantial progress), and just my overall knowledge of the layouts of Django and how ReviewBoard is structured (I’m really close to getting it all contextually understood).

  • What are you going to do next week? 

As I mentioned, I’m going to get some good time in to my goals, and hopefully I’ll get some progress going in addressing the internal connections to get Dependancies operational. From then, I might be able to address any outlying bugs that evolve from my developments.

  • Do you have any questions?

At the moment I’m good, but I know IRC is the place to be, so I’ll ask them there.

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