Meeting Minutes for Group B – February 2nd, 2013

Status Updates:


  • Full status report at
  • Mainly been researching and understanding Review Board.
  • Has started laying the groundwork for the depends feature.


  • Did not work on Review Board because he was sick and didn’t understand how to move forward.


  • Read jQuery documentation and practised building a web service using jQuery.

Q / A:

Q: What’s the best way to test?

A: So unit testing is very valuable, but an important concept of unit tests is that you’re testing small pieces and not necessarily a full-on workflow. So a good test is something that calls into a function and gets a result and checks it, or sets up some data, runs through a couple functions, and compares those results.

[Specific to John’s project: You might have a unit test that creates two review requests, sets one as the dependency of another, saves, and verifies. One that sets a dependency to be an invalid ID, or an ID for something that’s discarded, and checks if there’s an error. Things like that.]

Trophy Feature:

  1. Adding the database code to store trophies.
  2. Adding the code to compute whether there should be a trophy for a review request, and adding that information to the database.
  3. Showing the list of trophies on the user’s page.
  4. Importing trophies from older review requests (since we never stored them before).
  • #1 should be done early and Hiroki will take this as his first task and then move on to #2
  • Yuri will start on task #3

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